Kilroy Was Here... And So Were You!
Both Kilroy himself (as pictured above) as well as the slogan "Kilroy Was Here" were developed by the Air Transport Command in World War II. Allied troops frequently drew or painted Kilroy on the walls of their camp as well as on their vehicles and planes. The curious creature stood as a marker, indicating the former presence of US troops in an area.

Here at the 356th Fighter Group, we wish to keep the Kilroy legacy alive. If you have a comical, remarkable, or uniquely enjoyable memory from a time at the restaurant and cabaret, please share your story! We will collect these vignettes over time and post them online in a special section of our website!

Submit your short stories and descriptions to

Please be sure to include your name in whatever format you feel comfortable having displayed online! Thank you and we look forward to reading your special recollections!